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Our Goal

CowCow Leggings aims to be one of the most fun and easy to use e-commerce platforms where all our users can touch their creation. Individuality is something we focus on and this site allows you to create your own designs or works from other designers and turn these into production. Whether it is simply an image, artwork or text, we can change your creative imagination into reality.

Apart from providing our users with an artistic base to form apparels, we understand supply of good designs is also required to match the demand set by our end users. Not only is CowCow Leggings made for users, but it is also an ideal start-up place to setup a store and make some money.

All our products are made-to-order so the whole concept of mass production goes out the window on here.

Our Resources

With over 10 years of experience in this market, our team of more than 150 employees operating in departments ranging from Marketing to Programming, Customer Service to Production, ensures we have adequate resources to support your needs.

We have 3 factories based in South-east China operating around the clock to cut down waiting time and we invest over 2 million USD annually in research and development accounting for over 100 new products each year over the last 3 years. Furthermore, our extensive research has led to an automated manufacturing process reducing costs that have been passed onto customers.

Our Services

Our team of customer service representatives provide dedicated support for both our customers and store owners. Their expertise in this field with years of experience can provide effective solutions to a wide of range problems.

In addition, we have various communication channels for the convenience of users which includes, email response service within 24 hours, toll-free phone number for users based in USA and an online forum for all users to interact.


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